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Accumulated over a period of almost 100 years, our engineering and staff experience has climbed to a level commanding global respect.

BUCO WÄRMEAUSTAUSCHER INTERNATIONAL thus demonstrably has the longest experience worldwide in designing and fabricating customised heat exchange panels made from mild steel and austenitic steels right through to titanium.

Drawing on our own optimised heat transfer and pressure drop calculations, we decide from case to case whether to use electrical resistance welding or state-of-the-art laser welding to offer customers the best quality and price for the panels they need.

As a recognised specialist, BUCO WÄRMEAUSTAUSCHER INTERNATIONAL combines the skills and competence of both welding methods.

Even though laser welding is state-of-the-art for manufacturing heat exchange panels, in our rich and wide-ranging experience there are still many applications for which resistance welding offers technical and quality advantages.

We stand out against others in our markets thanks to our many years of experience in constantly optimised design programs and the complex production of heat exchange systems. We keep our promises in our dealings with customers and assume responsibility. We treat process and project data entrusted to us confidentially, thus conforming to the rules of the trade.